We possess the experience and knowledge to create entertaining lectures based on your needs. Depending on your interests, we also design custom-made talks for your chosen audience.


During our workshops, we combine lectures with practical tools and specific exercises that focus on the identified areas that you desire to level up!


A perfect way to elevate your performance and health to the next stage. Together, we map out your particular area of development, and design a strategy on how to proceed forward. Counseling is best suited for extended collaborations, and is available for individuals and esport teams.

Project planning

Are you interested in creating a project which focuses on esports? Great, we can help bring your ideas into reality! We have the creativity, the competence, and the network to help you build an inspiring esports event!


Our courses are great complements for schools, coaches, leaders, or organizations that desire to learn more about sports psychology. The courses illuminate how a player’s thoughts, feelings and environment may affect ones behavior and performance. Moreso, all of our material is always evidence-based and up to date with the latest scientific literature!

Media Content

Do you want to discuss psychology on your show, podcast, Twitch channel, or Instagram? We will help you out! Share your thoughts and ideas, and together we will create great content!

Common Questions

The main difference is the content. In the lectures, the focus is mainly to provide information – in an integrative way. During our workshops, we combine information with exercises that aim to create a more dynamic and practical setting. A subject covered in 30 minutes as a lecture, will be covered in about one hour as a workshop, due to the added exercises.

Counseling is probably the most known way of working with psychology. Overall, counseling may be divided into four segments. (1): We start by mapping out you, or your teams, goals, needs, strengths, weaknesses, and such. (2): We create a plan, set goals, and decide how to develop in the right way. (3): We begin to work with discussions, lectures, exercises, and measures to develop. (4): When the program is finished, we evaluate the progress to explore if we reached what we aimed for.

This is a tricky question since our prices may differ depending on the service and need. We suggest that you contact us, and we can together discuss what your particular service would include and the cost. However, the first meeting is always free, so do not hesitate to contact us!

The project is a collaboration between your ideas and needs, and our competencies and experiences. The project starts with a first meeting where we explore objectives and approach. Then, we assemble a team, create a project plan, and get to work! Of course, a project could go on for only a couple of weeks, months, to a couple of years.

If you are interested in our services but unsure of what you require, we suggest that you contact us, and together we will work it out. This first meeting is naturally free of charge!

This varies depending on what you want to produce. It could be anything from an Instagram post, to a longer podcast show on Spotify! Tell us about your ideas, and together we will create a masterpiece.

All of the AEPs have a university degree, where most of us have studied a minimum of four years in sport and exercise psychology in Halmstad University. On top of that, we are all experienced in esports and gaming. It is this combination that makes us unique!

Our network spreads across all of Sweden. However, we also offer our work online. So, to put it simply, we are very flexible, and our services may be carried out anywhere!

Our initial position is that anything you or your team tells us is confidential. Further, we pride ourselves in being AEPs, and we do not KAT (kiss and tell)!

Our courses are structured around the information that you require in order to evolve within esports. This could be focused on, for instance, coaching, communication, healthy lifestyle, or performance psychology. During our first meeting, we will make sure to find out what kind of approach is best suited for you.