Several factors may affect your performance in gaming. In AEP, we help you with x but also improve the conditions for a long and healthy esports career. Through both training and counseling, we can help you with, among other things:

Managing tilt

Management of setbacks

Increase team cohesion

Improve communication

Improve leadership

Moving to the next level

Get mentally stronger

Balancing of school/job and relationships with an esports career


AEP works with education through lectures and workshops, as well as by offering counseling. Every session begins with a free call where we help identify areas for improvement.


We talk to you and find a topic that you want to learn more about. After that, a lecture is structured, according to your needs. Here, you get to influence the length of the lecture. The lecture can take place online, or in real life.


As for lectures, we agree on a topic that suits your needs. The difference is that our workshops always contain exercises that are related to your chosen topic and adapted specifically for you.


Through counseling, we can custom-design programs to develop you in a specific area that you want help with. We can do this both with you as an individual player or with your entire team.

All of our consultations begin with a free call. During the conversation, we discuss the area that you want to work on, so that you may gain a better overview of what the consultations will regard. This, to assure that you feel safe with the program and so that we can choose the counselor that is best suited for you.