AEPs vision

Our vision is to become a platform for psychology in esports. AEP focuses on supporting gamers in dealing with the challenges of esports. Whether you have just found esports or you belong to the utmost elite, we have the experience and knowledge that can help you develop your game. We apply scientifically proven methods that are individually tailored to help you achieve your goals.


AEP was founded to be able to support and improve gamers’ conditions. Our goal is to deliver scientifically based strategies in an easily accessible and individualized way based on your needs to promote your performance as well as physical and mental health.


With a foundation in scientifically proven strategies, experience, and a personal approach, we can support you in your development, so that you can achieve your goals. AEP does this through sport psychological counseling and training on how you may handle the challenges associated with your esports.


We are stronger together! Our platform is designed to help match your unique needs with an advisor who possesses the skills that you are looking for. In addition to this, we want to create a community where gamers can support each other and explore sport psychology and esports, at their own pace. Whether you are a player, parent, coach, or simply interested in becoming more involved in esports, our platform is here for you!