Association of Esports Psychology (AEP) is a consulting firm that works toward creating a more professional, healthy, and sustainable culture within esports. With a base in psychology, we support gamers and their surrounding network to create the best foundation for a successful esports career – both in and outside of the game. The AEPs exist not only to prevent bad things from happening but also to increase the likelihood of great things happening. Our services apply to individuals, esport teams, organizations, and other companies that share our interest in gaming and the endless possibilities that it brings.

AEP employs eight friends who met during their master’s studies in sports psychology at Halmstad University, Sweden. See the links below to get better acquainted with the AEPs!




The LEC was in town, and it stole our hearts away!
We had the absolute pleasure of being invited to the LEC XPO, where we hosted a sport psychology corner. From the moment the doors opened to when the crowded halls emptied to take part in the grand finals, we were overwhelmed with a happy, colorful community. We had the opportunity to listen to people’s radiant stories and highlight the benefits of sport psychology within esports. Moreso, Raul and Joar presented two fantastic lectures on the community stage. We also had the great honor to share the floor alongside the ever-enchanting Trevor ‘Quickshot’ Henry, who opened up on his journey through esports, performance, and mental health. Words cannot convey how impactful these conversations were, nor can they express how incredible this weekend was.

Thank you, Will and Riot Games. Thank you, Ica Kvantum Emporia, who once more provided us with infinite fruits for our dear guests. Thank you all so very much. 10 out of 10, would recommend the experience to everyone! <3

(All credits to Riot Games for the pictures!)

New collaboration to present!

AEP is now an official partner with Skåne’s Football Association (Skåne, also known as Scania… which is Sweden’s wonderful southernmost county)!

For a period, we have been in dialogue with Scania’s FA (Skånes FF) regarding esports and opportunities. The association is one of the football associations in Sweden that has come the furthest in incorporating esports within their fold. Which is fantastic, and now we have been given the honor to assist in the development.

In concrete terms, AEP will provide our expertise in, among other things, organizational and development issues related to esports. Together we act to ensure that esports becomes a unifying and educational force in society!

Of course, we welcome more federations, organizations, or associations which are interested in esports to contact us to share thoughts and ideas!

To learn more about our collaboration with Scania’s Football Association, press here!