Association of Esports Psychology (AEP), works towards creating a more professional, healthy, and sustainable culture within esports. With a base in psychology, we work with esporters and their surrounding network to create the best foundation for a successful esports career both online, as well as offline. AEP’s work applies to individuals, esport teams, organizations, and other companies or associations which has an interest in esports and the endless possibilities that it brings. 

AEP’s network employs eight friends who met during their master’s studies in sports psychology, at Halmstad University, in Sweden. See the links below to get better acquainted with the AEP’s!



Together with representatives from Gameffect and Halmstad Convention Bureau (HCB), we work towards strengthening the conditions for esporters in Halmstad.

You can read more about this on HCB’s website!

Esports research network conference 2021

We were the Swedish representatives at European Research Network Conference 2021. From AEP, Joar, Raul, and Andres shared their experiences of working within esports.

The conference took place on the 9th and 10th of December, click here for the video!