Association of Esports Psychology (AEP) works toward creating a more professional, healthy, and sustainable culture within esports. With a base in psychology, we support gamers and their surrounding network to create the best foundation for a successful esports career – both online and offline. We exist not only to prevent bad things from happening but also to increase the likelihood of great things happening. Our services apply to individuals, esport teams, organizations, and other companies that share our interest in gaming and the endless possibilities that it brings.

AEP employs eight friends who met during their master’s studies in sports psychology at Halmstad University, Sweden. See the links below to get better acquainted with the AEPs!



Åhus Beach!

The AEPs are hitting the beach! Åhus Beach Festival is Europe’s largest beach handball event, and Åhus Beach Football is Sweden’s largest beach football tournament. New for this year’s edition is that the festivity has chosen to include esports, which means we will do our best to highlight all the happimesses that gaming brings!

Stay tuned for links to podcasts and more!

Online event [5th of November]!

RBU Halland (the Swedish association for children and youth with disabilities) and Young Gamers, is organizing an online event! The online event combines gaming with lectures for esporters and their parents, alongside prizes from DreamHack and much more!

AEP will moderate the event and hold lectures that include practical tips and trick on how to support developing players. Moreso, find out how successful esports teams communicate in an effective and healthy manner.

More information and registration to come!