Association of Esports Psychology (AEP) is a consulting firm that seeks to create a more professional, healthy, and sustainable culture within esports. With a base in psychology, AEP supports gamers and their surrounding network to construct the best foundation for a successful esports career – both in and outside the game. The AEPs exist not only to prevent bad things from happening but also to increase the likelihood of great things happening.

AEP consists of sport psychology consultants with vast experience in working with gamers and esporters of diversity in terms of background, gender, age, and skill levels. Beyond helping teams and players excel, that which holds us together is our passionate commitment to improving conditions that influence the quality of life for the better.

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AEP signs with Malmö FF Esports [FIFA & Co]

As traditional football season comes to a close, the FIFA season is setting its stage!

Sweden’s largest professional FIFA competition, eAllsvenskan, premiered at FUZED in Helsingborg. Alongside this, the magnificent new gaming center also held tournaments for gamers of all ages while offering exciting happenings, physical activity, and fruits! Skånes Fotbollsförbund invited us to hold lectures in esport psychology, whereas Isak and Joar highlighted the importance of feeling good, in order to perform well.

Moreso! We are also happy to announce that Andres & Isak are officially part of Malmö FF Esports support staff. Our dearest AEPs have been working with the team as performance coaches, and already, progress is beginning to manifest. The squad was even victorious in the season’s first event!

Thanks to everyone involved for a lovely weekend. The show was a massive success. Kudos!

(All credits to Dreamhack Sports Games for the lovely pictures!)

AEP TO LEC [League of Legends]

The LEC was in town, and it stole our hearts away!
We had the absolute pleasure of being invited to the LEC XPO, where we hosted a sport psychology corner. From the moment the doors opened to when the crowded halls emptied to take part in the grand finals, we were overwhelmed with a happy, colorful community. We had the opportunity to listen to people’s radiant stories and highlight the benefits of sport psychology within esports. Moreso, Raul and Joar presented two fantastic lectures on the community stage. We also had the great honor to share the floor alongside the ever-enchanting Trevor ‘Quickshot’ Henry, who opened up on his journey through esports, performance, and mental health. Words cannot convey how impactful these conversations were, nor can they express how incredible this weekend was.

Thank you, Will and Riot Games. Thank you, Ica Kvantum Emporia, who once more provided us with infinite fruits for our dear guests. Thank you all so very much. 10 out of 10, would recommend the experience to everyone! <3

(All credits to Riot Games for the pictures!)

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