Association of Esports Psychology (AEP) is a consulting firm that seeks to create a more professional, healthy, and sustainable culture within esports. With a base in psychology, AEP supports gamers and their surrounding network to construct the best foundation for a successful esports career – both in and outside the game. The AEPs exist not only to prevent bad things from happening but also to increase the likelihood of great things happening.

AEP consists of sport psychology consultants with vast experience in working with gamers and esporters of diversity in terms of background, gender, age, and skill levels. Beyond helping teams and players excel, that which holds us together is our passionate commitment to improving conditions that influence the quality of life for the better.

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First of many! [FIFA]

We are thrilled to announce that we have helped Malmö FF win the Swedish FIFA championship! This is a huge achievement for the team, which had struggled to reach the playoffs in the previous eAllsvenskan season.

Our sports psychology consultants worked closely with the players and the leadership team to boost their performance and well-being. We also helped them create sustainable structures for future success, which enabled them to evaluate and develop their esports psychology aspects.

But our work is not only about winning trophies. It’s also about creating positive role models who inspire future stars to grow in a healthy and balanced way. We teach our players how to consider team culture, communication, physical activity, sleep, nutrition, and more, instead of embracing the classical esports grind culture. We are proud of our players, who are inspiring champions both in and outside the game. Now, the FIFA World Cup qualification awaits!

(All credit to Dreamhack Sports Games for the pictures!)

AEP to LEC [League of Legends]

We had a blast at the LEC XPO, where we hosted a sport psychology corner. We met a happy, colorful community of esports enthusiasts and shared our insights on how sport psychology can help gamers shine. We also gave two amazing lectures on the community stage and had a candid chat with the charming Trevor ‘Quickshot’ Henry, who opened up on his journey through esports, performance, and mental health. These conversations were inspiring and meaningful, and we are grateful for this incredible weekend.

Thank you, Will and Riot Games. Thank you, Ica Kvantum Emporia, for providing us with endless fruits for our guests. Thank you all so much. This was an unforgettable experience!

(All credit to Riot Games for the pictures!)

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