Welcome to AEP! We are a global organization from Sweden that supports gamers and their communities to excel in esports and in life. We offer professional services, educational resources, and assistance based on proven sport psychology methods and frameworks for anyone involved or curious about esports.

Our mission is to empower gamers to achieve their full potential, and to make esports more professional, healthy, and sustainable.

Our team of sport psychology consultants are experts and enthusiasts in esports. We have worked with gamers of all levels, hosted sport psychology segments at major tournaments, helped teams win championships, opened Sweden’s first esports laboratory, and won awards for our workshops and presentations.

Whether you are a casual player or a competitive gamer, a tournament organizer, a researcher or a media partner, AEP is here for you.

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AEP x LEC Finals 2023 [League of Legends]

We are still in awe of the amazing LEC Season Finals, where we had the chance to share our passion for esport psychology with thousands of awesome people in Montpellier, France!

Inside the LEC XPO, at our sport psychology corner, we introduced visitors to useful tips on how to enhance mental skills. We taught them how to communicate effectively with teammates and thus avoid conflicts, we showed them how to focus on the present moment and ignore distractions, we helped boost their confidence and overcome self-doubt, and finally, we discussed how to cope with stress and frustration and prevent tilt. We also played engaging games and gave feedback on how to improve these skills in practice!

Beyond this, we also delivered two lectures on the community stage, where we highlighted some of the psychological strategies that pro players use to perform at their best, and how players may implement these teachings. Thank you Riot Games for once more trusting us, and thank you to the fans for your enthusiasm. You are the heart & soul of esports <3

Photo courtesy of Riot Games!

First of many! [FIFA Champions!]

We are thrilled to announce that we have helped Malmö FF win the Swedish FIFA championship, eAllsvenskan!

Our sports psychology consultants worked closely with the players and the leadership team to boost their performance and well-being throughout the entire season.

But our work is not only about winning trophies. It’s also about creating positive role models who inspire future stars to grow in a healthy and balanced way. We teach our players how to consider team culture, communication, physical activity, sleep, nutrition, and more, instead of embracing the classic esports grind culture. We are proud of our players, who are inspiring champions both in and outside the game!

All credit to Dreamhack Sports Games for the pictures!

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