Below, you will find a timeline including some of the events that we have been involved in. If you want us to attend your happening, please feel free to contact us!

AEP <3 Skåne

AEP is now an official partner with Skåne’s Football Association (Skåne, also known as Scania… Sweden’s southernmost county)!

For a period, we have been in dialogue with Scania’s FA (Skånes FF) regarding esports and opportunities. The association is one of the football associations in Sweden that has come the furthest in incorporating esports within their fold. Which is fantastic, and now we have been given the honor to assist in the development.

In concrete terms, AEP will provide our expertise in, among other things, organizational and development issues related to esports. Together we act to ensure that esports becomes a unifying and educational force in society!

Of course, we welcome more federations, organizations, or associations which are interested in esports to contact us to share thoughts and ideas!

To learn more about our collaboration with Scania’s Football Association, press here!

Åhus Beach!

Summer came, and the AEPs took to the beach! Åhus Beach Festival is Europe’s largest beach handball event, and Åhus Beach Football is Sweden’s largest beach football tournament. New for this year’s edition was that the festivity had chosen to include esports, which meant that we did our best to highlight all the happimessess that gaming brings!

The festival was a great success, and the organizers were nothing but warm and welcoming. Furthermore, one of the many pleasures was that we spent time with Oskar Hemby, a pioneer in supporting esporters in Sweden, and beyond. Oskar has even written a book where he shares many of his most valuable tips and tricks on how to become a better gamer.

To become The Perfect Gamer, follow this link!


Europe’s largest conference in sport psychology, FEPSAC, was held in Padova, Italy! Naturally, we sent our finest representative from AEP – Raul Fuentes. The theme for the conference was “Challenges and opportunities in a changing world,” which fits splendidly with esports. A wide range of topics was covered by inspirational researchers from all over the world. Topics included: career transitions, mental resilience, injury psychology, team dynamics, and much more. Raul took the opportunity to present his master’s thesis on esports, which is in process of being submitted as a scientific article. He examined how League of Legends players experience TILT; more specifically the causes and effects of tilt, as well as ways to manage it.

To Raul’s delight, several other researchers and sport psychology practitioners also presented their work in esports. Thankfully, esports is gaining more and more recognition in sports psychology, which may allow for more research to be funded. This can increase our understanding of the psychology behind performance in esports, which allows us to develop more effective strategies to navigate the challenges and opportunities in esports performance.

Great stuff Raul!

Emporia Gaming Week

The AEPs, alongside our friends Inferno Online, participated in Emporia Esports and Gaming Week! We had the honor to assist gamers and highlight the opportunities of esports to their parents. We discussed similarities between traditional sports and esports, illuminated how one may support loved ones in gaming and why esports is so much more than just “sitting in front of a screen”.

We also had the privilege of moderating live podcasts with exciting guests, covering a wide span of topics. We held lectures and trained Emporia’s guests in performance psychology within esports. We contributed to movement and physical activity between the games. Finally, thanks to ICA Kvantum Emporia, we made sure that our gaming lounge was filled with fruit, smoothies, buns, coffee, and water, for free and easily accessible!

Many thanks to Creative Peoples for inviting us into the event. Accompanied with SharkmobThe Game AssemblyInferno Online, and many more, we managed to contribute to new insights within esports. Together, we have taken a few more steps towards a more sustainable, healthy, and professional culture in gaming.

Once more, thank you, Emporia, for being a fantastic host!

The Andersberg festival

Record number of visitors came to Andersberg Festival! The themes for this year was esports and the 2022 election.
The AEPs raised a spectacular circus tent, which we filled with different games, competitions, tournaments, and various lectures aimed at gamers, parents and other guests interested in learning more about esports.

Moreso, during the spring, FIFA tournaments took place all over Halmstad! The region’s community youth centers all held tryouts to form their own FIFA squads, which would face each other on the festival. The finals was then broadcasted on a projector, just before the Champions League finals concluded!

To learn more about the festival, click here!

The Science Festival [2022]

With around 70,000 visitors each year, The International Science Festival is one of Europe’s leading science events. And the AEPs once more graced its stage!

We highlighted lessons learned from working with gamers and what new knowledge Sweden’s first esports lab has contributed with. Topics such as mental health, transferable abilities, and how to best prepare for change was discussed!

European Research Network Conference

The Esports Research Network is a collaboration of researchers fostering interdisciplinary research on the emerging phenomenon of esports. Esports is truly global and truly digital, therefore, esports can be utilized to research existing social issues and act as foresight into the digitized world.

AEP represented Sweden in ERN’s first-ever conference, which, due to Covid-19, was held online. The main subject of the event was esports health & well-being management, and over 70 speakers from all over the world were invited.

Click here for the video!

Halmstad, Project:
"Destination esport"

Collaboration is often the best recipe for success, which is why AEP is part of a network on the subject of esports in Halmstad! The group includes representatives from Gameffect, Halmstad Convention Bureau, and AEP. Together, we aim to make Halmstad the hub of esports in 2025. A strong foundation in this work is the unique esports lab at Halmstad University, where we can combine research and practice with the latest equipment in the field!

Esports laboratory
Halmstad University

Together with RBU Halland (the Swedish association for disabled children and youth), we attended the inauguration of the esports lab, in Halmstad University. The lab creates opportunities to support students in being able to conduct studies in esports, and for professional gamers to combine their academic endeavors with an elite learning environment. Much more to come!

Olympic Virtual Series

From the 13th of May to the 21st of June 2021, The Olympic Virtual Series (OVS) took place. The OVS creates a stage to connect the physical sporting world with the virtual and simulation sports gaming community, providing an opportunity to engage with the Olympic Movement. 

During the OVS, Joar spoke on how sports psychology can play a big part in athletes’ success and how athletes can develop on a psychological level.

Press here for Part1, and here for Part2!

Destination Esport
Online seminar

Destination Esport is an online seminar where we shed light on the development of esports and of its current research. Further, we discuss how esports can be applied to bridge societal challenges such as integration, gender equality, and inclusion. The seminar includes interviews with key figures in gaming, as well as sport psychology practitioners within esports.

Watch the complete seminar on Youtube!


Hallifornia is a festival where entrepreneurs get the opportunity to test a new service or product on its 40,000 visitors! By being accepted into the festival, the AEPs also earned the possibility to receive personal business development aid, which helped create a foundation for much of the work that we do today. Great fun!

The Science Festival [2021]

The Science Festival communicates science in an easily accessible and creative way and creates meeting places for schools, the general public, the research and business community. 

We attended the festival and held several live segments where we discussed esports and the many possibilities that it brings. We also highlighted the role of sports psychology and interviewed leading consultants for European esports organizations, who shared their experiences of working with professional players.


The European Network of Young Specialists in Sport Psychology (ENYSSP) is an international organization that focuses on the promotion and dissemination of knowledge in the field of sport and exercise psychology. ENYSSP aims to give support in education, research and professional practice to young people with official qualification within this specific domain. The AEPs were part of the 16TH ENYSSP Conference and we were even awarded a prize for holding the best workshop!